• Item Manufacture datas
    Surface finish HASL/Lead free HASL、Immersion gold、Gold finger、OSP
    Max.Size 520mm×620mm
    Min.Size 5mm×5mm
    Warp degree 2 layer pcb≤0.6%  Multilayer pcb≤0.6%
    Min.thickness&tolerance 0.2mm±0.08mm
    Min.line width/
    Tin board:0.10mm±20%(4mil±20%)
    Gold board:0.075mm±20%(3mil±20%)
    Copper to board edge 0.5mm(20mil)
    Hole to line 0.3mm(12mil)
    Min.hole size&tolerance 0.2mm±0.076mm(8mil±3mil)
    Min.hole size&tolerance 0.2mm±0.076mm(8mil±3mil)
    hole copper 20-25um(0.79mil-1.0mil)
    hole location tolerance ±0.076mm(±3mil)
    Minimum punch diameter FR-41.0mm(40mil)以下1.0mm(40mil)
    FR-41.2-3.0mm(47mil-120mil)  1.5mm (59mil)
    Min.slot size FR-4.1.0mm(40mil)以下 0.8mm×0.8mm(31.5mil×31.5mil)
    Silkscreen tolerance ±0.076mm(±3mil)
    Outline tolerance CNC:±0.1mm(±4mil)punch:±0.15mm(±6mil)
    V-CUT location tolerance ±0.2mm(±8mil)
    Production type 2-12 layer(FR4)
    Material FR-4、Aluminum
    board thickness  0.2-3.5mm
    Base copper thickness 18um 35um 70um
    Min.hole size 0.2mm
    Gold thickness
    Gold plating:Ni 2.5-5um  Au  0.05-0.1um
    ENIG:Ni 5-8um   Au  0.08-0.12um
    Gold finger:Ni2.5-5um   Au  0.08-0.12um
    output monthly 120000m2/month
    Outline Punch、CNC、Handwork CNC
    V-CUT angle tolerance ±5
    V-CUT FR4 thickness tolerance 0.6mm-3.2mm(15.5mil-129.58mil)
    Min.SMD space 0.3mm(12mil)
    Min.words size 0.15mm(5.9mil)
    pad ring min.width single side(Finished) 0.15mm(5.9mil)
    pad/Min.solder pad 0.076mm(3mil)
    Min.solder dam ±0.076mm (3mil)
    Carbon oil plate process data.:①1.0impedance control tolerance:20K±10%;②2.0hardness:6H;③3.0Can withstand the number of friction.
    :200000 times or more